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Thursday, July 15, 2010

She's a Maniac Brainiac Oh oh

I can go on complain, enumerate, and rant about my poor memory and share endless stupid thoughts I said which no sensible person should have said but after almost five years of marriage, I gotta thank my brain because it is precisely what made me bag my husband ((^_^))

I have sense enough to keep him interested. Yet I feel so dumb in a whole lot of ways -- that I think Hubby is the most intelligent person in my universe. Whatever mental capacity I have, It works for our marriage, you know?

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charmie said...

You let your hubby decide pala sis, well ok din yan hehehe!I really don't know pa paano i handle ang ganun kasi wala pa akong hubby. Sabi ng alaga ko matanda , mahirap daw especially kung tough woman ka! I hope I can learn!

Happy GT

Rossel said...

keeping our husbands interests is one of the the most important things in marriage. i can see that you're smart sis, the way you write.

Chris said...

you are witty and smart.. judging from the way this post is written!hahahah :)

K said...

it's great to know that you balance each other out. i'm sure you are better than him at some aspects, and that's what make you work out :)


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