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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Man For You (Part II)

So which birth month does le boyfriend belong? ((^_^))

APRIL MAN (born between March 21 to April 20)
**He is a "real-man" who falls for an intensely feminine type of a girl. he loves his mate, but she will find him hard to influence, very headstrong, ambitious, and inclined to quarrel.

He is the man who is always right! There's a tip for you if you want to win his love.

He is brave and adventurous and likes to travel. He won't make the homebird type of a husband but will be very much the master of the house. As his children grow up, he is likely to disagree with them for they will resent his "bossy" ways.

MAY MEN (born between April 21st and May 20th)
**They are of all males simply born to marry! They have the husband instinct. They are not flirts. When they court a girl, they really mean business.

They are very affectionate but can be very stubborn when opposed. Don't marry a May man unless you are sure you see eye to eye - for he is hardest of people to convert to different ideas. He is devoted to home and expects his wife to be, for he likes plenty of her company. He is really interested in the domestic wheels - and can be rather a nuisance interfering in the house. He is very healthy, very musical and a good money-maker as a rule.

JUNE MEN (born between may 20th and June 21st)
**Unlike their May brothers, they are regular flirts. They take sudden fancies and cool of just as quickly. So don't reckon on your June wooer till you've had him for good awhile.

When he marries though, he generally settles down. Make up your mind and you will get on with your "in-laws" for this husband likes to see a lot of his brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces and to entertain them in his own home.

Thank you so much for the continued interest! Until next post. Ciao!!

2 cupcakes:

sheng said...

May Men - hubby is born May 4...waaaa i should have known this before i got married hehehe

Kero said...

Sheng dear, hindi pa naman huli ang lahat hihihi.

danke for the visit!


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