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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Losing My Religion

I am committed to my faith. I am hardly a religious person but I do believe in one Supreme Being.
I believe in a kind, fair, loving God who will embrace us no matter what we have done. 

I immensely love visiting churches and chapels and say my own little prayer. When we visited Venice early this year, I asked Hubby if we can visit as many chapel as we can. since Dubai  has only one  huge Catholic church. I like attending small intimate mass ceremonies. It eases my soul. I see to it to light up candles for each of the family in the altar or grotto This is my way of gratitude for the trials and sorrows that built our character.

Image of Ave Maria at a century old Venetian Chapel. I like asking intervention from the Blessed Virgin.

But I don't believe in religion. Gosh, I am probably losing my Catholic religion now. I don't believe in advocating one belief to be more superior, more original, more truthful than any other belief they hammer out there.

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K said...

we're on the same boat, i think. religion is hardly something i bother about anymore, although like you, i still maintain a personal relationship with God by talking to him as often as possible :)


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