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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Affordable Oral-B Brush Heads

There are only two brands in the world that my husband cares about - Levi's and Oral B. You can buy him any of those 3 for 100 polo shirts and he won't say a word. You give him any brand of beer in can and he'd gladly gulp it down in one sitting. Even when buying those gadgets and laptops, it does not have to be Acer or Mac so long as he sees it durable, worth his money, and serves the purpose.

But when it comes to his jeans, it has to be Levi's or none at all. The same way with his electric toothbrush. Only Oral-B will do. Though they are of extreme good quality, these are not the cheapest brands so I am always on the lookout for sale. Fortunately, I found this site called Brush heads which gives amazing deals on dental care and skin needs. I was able to buy a three-pack brush head refill of Oral-B Floss Action 3. Hubby maintains two toothbrush - one for office and one at home so these are exactly the deals a budget Mom like me looks out for.

Oh by the way, the site also reveals about Clarisonic skin brush which can reduce visible pores, blemishes, and dry skin patches. I think that is exactly the beauty tool I am looking for these days. I gotta save up for that rather than spending so much visiting a facial salon.

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Clarisonic said...

We are excited to hear that you are considering purchasing a Clarisonic. We'd love to answer any questions you might have. Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or contact us via email Hope all your sonic dreams come true very soon. Cheers!


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