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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Man For You! (Part I)

While dusting our collections the other day, I found a very old book that I totally forgot about. I bought this last year from Medicine Sans Frontier second hand charity book sale.

The 200-page book printed in Great Britain, is a collection of all kinds of fortune telling. As I browse last night, I learned that the book comes with an Egyptian Fortune Telling Cards which the previous owner might have treasured.

However skeptical we may pretend to be, all of us have an open or sneaking belief in fortune telling. So for fun, I am sharing a chapter to my dear readers. The topic is perhaps the most puzzling for us female. This will come in four parts so do come back =)

Certain signs of the Zodiac, and consequently certain months of the year are naturally sympathetic to one another. Remember this natural sympathy when the boy friend comes into your life. For real happiness and harmony in marriage, you will do well to find out his birthday and see if it comes under one of your affinity signs. If it does, he will have the characteristics you admire, you will get on well together, and nothing in the world can cause permanent breach between you. Many have found this to be true in their experience.

Here are brief description of the men of each month.

JANUARY MEN (born between December 21st and Janury 20th)

**They do most things rather slowly. So if your boy is one of these, do not expect a lightning courtship or a very speedy marriage - though if born before December 28 he will go a little faster. Let him do all the wooing himself for he likes to be the leader, and to make up his own mind.

Don't look for him to be a picturisque wooer. he won't often call you pet names or tell you he loves you. But to the right girl, he shows a deep devotion, expressed in deeds of kindness rather than words.

He is very ambitious. Nothing and nobody (including yourself) must stand in the way of his career. Take a real interest in his work if you want to win and keep him.

FEBRUARY MEN (born between January 21st and February 20th)

**You are quiet likely to meet this boy in a club or institution, for he is interested in all such things and will like you to be.

He is rather pessimistic. But he is fascinating, companionable, trustworthy and a very good father. Expect financial ups and downs when you marry him for his fortunes vary a good deal.

MARCH MEN (born between February 21st and March 20th)

**They make an almost ideal lover for they are romantic, deeply affectionate, unselfish and very generous. If he loves a girl, he will adopt her opinions, spend his last penny on her and do evrything in the world to show his devotion.

At the same time, such a blind love exacts constant attention in return.

He adores travel and often meets his future wife while on journey or staying abroad. He hates long engagements. As long as he is usually lucky with money when young, the wedding bells are likely to ring soon.

As a husband, he is not quiet so successful. He continues to spoil his wife thoroughly in little ways and to be easily influenced by her. But in big things, she must shoulder all the responsibility for he will not. So he should marry a girl who likes taking the lead.

Until next post!

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