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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LED Lights For Healthier Plants

Like us, all our friends here in  Dubai tried indoor gardening to cool our villas and apartments from the scorching heat. Apparently, we all have the same problem: the desert sun is too much for our herbs and money plants so we leav them indoors, relying on the florescent lamp to provide sunlight. The result is an unhealthy and withering plant that makes gardening somewhat frustrating.

LED Grow Lights should come as good news to us. It is all the rage right now with positive reviews. There are many types of LED Growing Lights but perhaps the most popular is called UFO LED Grow Lights. It uses 90 watts of power which is more intense thus making plants grow faster. It does not produce heat so we can breath a sigh of relief that it will not burn our plants. Moreover, the light emitted parallels the spectrum of light needed in photosynthesis.

This will be a very interesting topic when I share to friends over the weekend. Maybe all of us can finally enjoy the hobby of indoor gardening.

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Rupinder said...

Efficient use of lighting will ensure less consumption of energy, which will reduce cost, enable savings and ensure higher profits.

LED Grow Lights


I love lightning,my think LED lamps are the perfect lighting choice for any sort of indoor gardening because of their superiority to traditional systems of lighting.


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