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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sign Spotting Project 2010

For my Mellow Yellow post, I will share the other signs collected by Lonely Planet during the Sign Spotting project. If you want to read the first part, you can head over to Kero's Celebration.

Better fasten your seat belt.

Interesting...Cassoway birds are better speeding deterrent than police.

If you see rain or snow, take shelter immediately.

At least, the parishioners have been warned.

Next of kin will be notified of the experiment results.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

I made this yummy treat on Monday hoping it will last the whole week but my two boys devoured it in two days.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

200 g baking chocolate (I use Carrefour brand)
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup all-purpose flour

Cream Cheese Layer
200 g cream cheese (I use Puck)
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1tbsp all-purpose flour

Here's How

1. Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees. Melt chocolate and butter in microwave. Stir until chocolate is melted.

2. Stir sugar to melted chocolate and butter. Mix eggs and vanilla until well blended. Stir in flour. Spread in the greased 8x8 pan.

3. Mix cream cheese, remaining sugar, egg, and flour in another bowl until smooth. Place spoonful over brownie batter. Swirl with fork to create marbleize effect.

4. Bake for 35 minutes or until toothpick insrted comes out clean. Do not overbake. Cool in pan and cut into squares. Makes about 16.

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Love Lessons (Part 4)

How To Maintain Long Distance Relationships

Well, Hubby and I survived this, so did my Uncle and Aunt so let's see what love doctors has to say.

Love Lesson 20
"Being away from your partner can be a time of self-discovery as well as time of discovering and appreciating the positives in your partner. Write letters, email, chat, Skype - find ways of learning and loving this part of your life."

Schedule your online date and stick to it. Back then, Ceasar and I can only chat on Friday afternoons. Being used (for two years) to spending Friday nights with friends on binge drinking, it was a major adjustment. I had to skip the fun sessions. I would get teased a lot since we were only bf-gf but I had to prove Ceasar i was committed to the relationship and loyal as he was. Anyways, I had Saturday and Sunday to make it up to my friends. But on those occasions that my friends really insist the Friday fun, i join for an hour, go home for my online date for two hours and come back to my friends waiting. Of course, it also helps that your friends and family are supportive of what makes you happy.

I first saw that trait to my Uncle M who maintained 14 years of LDR with my now official and legal Aunt. He would be drinking and enjoying friends on anyday of the week but he comes home to speak on the phone for four hours or even longer no matter what his state of being. 

Love Lesson 21
 "Long distance relationship should be kept to a minimum!"

A revered mentor Dr. Torralba told me once that relationships -- LDR or not, should not go further than two years. Either you get married or stop dating at all. I think what happened to my Uncle M was a rare exception to the rule. Yes, i did gave an ultimatum to Ceasar  -- if we don't see each other by December, I will file for legal separation. We were separated for 7 months before our wedding. We were together for three weeks. and separated again after the wedding for 5 months! It had to stop. I love him like i never loved anybody else and i would give my life for him but for a relationship or a marriage for that matter, needs to be nurtured to survive. Fortunately, i arrived Dubai two months earlier than my set cut-off date lolz!

Ceasar would tease me about the so-called ultimatum from time to time, but it's the least of my concern. I got what i wanted - a family and a walking dictionary. And he gets what he needs - a wife who cooks for him in all her naked glory. Joke. Sometimes, one has to know when to take charge of the relationship. IF, after three years and you are still standing there thinking where is this going, it's time to hit the brakes, dahling. Apply your red MAC lipstick and move on.

Love Lesson 22
"Keep in touch frequently, believe in each other, verbalise insecurities, and act loving/write lovingly even though you may have doubts."

How To Get Through Life's ups and Downs Together

Love Lesson 23
"Life is difficult! It is made easier when two people see themselves as on the same team to confront life's difficult moments."

Love Lesson 24
"Live in the moment, always communicating needs and addressing concerns as they happen. Look at life's challenges as opportunities."

That's all folks!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awardee

Mawning gorgeous people! Walk with me down the red carpet to acknowledge my blog award from Mommy Chris of Inspirational Sights and Mommy AC of Happy Home Working. Thank you, ladies for such a sweet, kind gesture and for always remembering. To my dearest readers, i hope you will find time to visit their interesting blogs.

Here are the rules:
  • Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
  • Pass this award onto bloggers you think are fantastic.
  • Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
  • State 7 things about yourself.
I'm done with the first rule, now for the second rule, I'm passing this award to Judy of Musha Mommy, Joie of Definitely Maybe, Ann of I Love Darly, and Mommy Issa of About a Boy

And for the 7 things about me:
  • I am getting bored with cooking. I need to try new recipes starting today.
  • I love to bake for family and friends and I am continuously trying to improve the skill.
  • I am the ultimate 'panikera'. I get nervous with just about everything!
  • I am still wondering what's the fuss about Lady Gaga. Sowee fans.
  • I am  raring to buy books to read at the flea market. I plan to complete John Grisham's work.
  • I am discovering Sarah Brightman.
  • I especially love the family nights spent on watching The Dubai Fountain.

The Dubai Fountain

A photo and  a video for my F post this week.

This is the world's largest performing fountain set at the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake. It sways to some nine repertoire which includes the songs Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli (video below), Shik Shak Shok, the most famous Arabic dance music, and Baba Yetu. The fountain is composed of two arcs and five circles.

A must see video below =)

In full sprout, there is 83,000 litres of water in the air. The fountain is more than 275 meters in length - equivalent of two football pitches. The Dubai Fountain performs daily from 6 in the evening 'till midnight.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Emirates Classic Car Festival

This photo was taken during the 38th celebration of the UAE National Day last december. As part of the festivities all over the city, Dubai Festival City held a Classic Car Festival at the Marina Promenade. The vintage collection included Cadillac, Shelby, Maserati, Stingray, and a 1912 Ford.

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Love Lessons (Part 3)

"A married couple are well suited when both partners usually feel the need for a quarrel at the same time." ~ Jean Rostand 

How To Make Up Right

Love Lesson 12
"In every argument there are two parties who are responsible. Find out what are you responsible for and apologise."

Love Lesson 13
"Life is too short to not to speak to the person you love for any extended period of time."

Okay, i'm guilty of this hihi. When i am fuming, I completely shut up and i need to be alone. I have to leave the room or the house. I need fresh air to put things back in perspective. We all have different ways of dealing with anger and disappointment but  the important thing is, you kiss and make up before going to bed.

Love Lesson 14
"Of course say you are sorry, and then ask what you can do to show your commitment to be a better person."

Love Lesson 15
"One of the best predictors of a happy and long-lasting marriage is fair fighting. Arguments will happen (if you never disagree with your mate then you are probably not being as open and honest as would be healthy). And making up (including what you say and do, how you say it, and how long it takes you to forgive) is a vital component of the argument."

"Change your goal from 'winning the argument' to 'winning as a couple' by listening to, respecting, and even appreciating each other's differences."

How To Survive Parenting

Love Lesson 16
"take time for you and your relationship. As important as it is to nurture your child so they can grow and thrive, it should not come at the cost of your health and the health of your relationship. Take time out to do things that make you happy and everyone in the family will reap the benefits."

Love Lesson 17
"The best gift you can give your children is a happy and long-lasting marriage. Despite their great needs, children will thrive when they see their parents loving each other and giving quality time to the marriage, without always including the children."

Love Lesson 18
"Know that children are a life-long deal. Learn to say 'no' sometimes. Provide them with tools for making their own decisions and never lose sight of the special relationship you have with your spouse."

Love Lesson 19
"Children thrive when their parents love each other. Do this first and the rest gets a lot easier. Children do not benefit when you spend so much ti,e and energy on their needs that you are too tired for your spouse. They grow less secure when you ask them to take sides or keep secrets from their other parent. And it is through your eyes and words that they develop respect and love for their parents, and later on, their mates."

Monday, February 22, 2010

Alexander McQueen Store

Everybody's question : Will the label survive?

The multi-awarded British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has four stores in the city. I took this photo last week  from his latest store at the Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall.

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Love Lessons (Part 2)

Shall we proceed?

How To Keep The Romance Alive

Love Lesson 7
"Be genuinely interested in the other person. Get to know your partners's likes and dislikes and make sure you update yourself because people change and so do their desires. A person will naturally be attracted to someone who shows interest in them."

Thank you, darling, for always asking how my day was. Even if you knew i stayed at home all day hihi.Thank you too for being genuinely interested in whatever I do online.

Love Lesson 8
"Pay attention to the small things such remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Go beyond that to take special interest in what your partner is doing or interested in. If a wife has a doctor's appointment, a husband should remember and inquire how it went."

Love Lesson 9
"Review your wedding day and early courtship frequently and feel the emotions."

Haaay, thankies for Couple's Corner =)

Love Lesson 10
"Never, ever complain about what is missing. Instead make it as fun as possible and as easy as possible to be romantic together. Prepare a romantic meal, light a few candles, send the children to visit friends. And remember that men are more likely to offer romance when women offer respect and admiration."

Love Lesson 11
"Be spontaneous and remember any other special days you share as a couple, whether it means writing a poem if the budget is tight. Act as if you are always going out on your first date and put your best foot forward for each other, but still feel comfirtable and relaxed with each other other. You'll experience that amazing blend of  felling familiar but still excited about how you spend your time together."

Loove it! more reasons to revamp my closet =)

Succeeding posts will show us how to make up right......and surviving parenting. Thank you for your continued interest.

Have a glorious Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Polka Dot Fish

I took this photo during one of our trips to the Aquarium and Discovery Center inside Dubai Mall. I am not sure what you call this fish but i find it very pretty and i'm glad I was able to get a good shot.

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Love Lessons (Part 1)

Cheesy as it may sound, people are Googling for such topics. And so when I came across an article on local Aquarius magazine discussing the likes, I decided to share it with my online visitors. Four years of marriage and reading the following, I was like yes, true, really? here's a gentle reminder for every person out there married or in a relationship.

The following posts will come in four parts. Do come back when you have the chance. Let me know as well if you want to repost. Those in italic are my notes so you don't have to read them. Just move on to the next lesson =)

How To Make Your Love Last

Love Lesson 1
"Work on developing and maintaining a deep friendship. Often, couples forget why they fell in love because of children, work, or running a house that they forget to nurture their friendship. Love is similar to any other thing in life - if we want it to grow and flourish, we need to spend time nurturing it."

Love Lesson 2
"Prioritise the relationship. Make it more important than work, or children because indeed it is. Work will come and go. And when you've prioritised  the marriage over the children, the children still receive all the benefit."

Love Lesson 3
"Wake up each day a loving thought and then turn it into an action."

I think it could be as simple as cooking your partner's favorite dish, or a promised massage when he comes home later from work. 

Love Lesson 4
"Expect love, all sorts of love, and not any particular act of love, like an anniversary gift, breakfast in bed,a  high income, or a long conversation about feelings. While you wait for one, you miss all the others. If you wait impatiently, you may discourage your spouse from trying others."

I soo believe in it. Who likes to receive flowers all the time? I want chocolates as well, a one year subscription of newspaper, or even being driven to flea market. Joke. The thing is, what your partner does for you, appreciate it and think of it as an act of love. Once you do that, you will see loving gestures in every way.

Love Lesson 5
You have to think about your relationship everyday and create ways to help your mate feel good about himself/herself. You both must be committed to keep it on going on."

When you have a toddler in the house, cuddling for two minutes is impossible without being disturbed. And then there are times you are just soo tired all you want in the world is to doze off. But ultimately, you have to make time for landian.

Love Lesson 6
"Happy people do not have less wrenches thrown into their lives. However they do see and appreciate  the positive that are also in their lives. Instead of dwelling o your partner's less than optimal characteristic, change the focus and and concentrate on his/her positive traits. If you can, verbally identify his or her positives and write down at least one thing you feel grateful for about your partner every day."

I will interrupt this post for a meme so do come back if you want to read on keeping the romance alive =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Salmon in Bearnaise Sauce

I'm a huge fan of salmon fish. So whenever we visit Dubai Festival City, we make it a point to have dinner or lunch at Ikea Restaurant where they serve affordable salmon dishes.

Here's what I ordered for dinner last Friday after attending the 2010 Gulf Bike Expo at DFC.

The poached salmon belly  is stuffed with chopped buttered brocolli. It is served with generous bearnaise sauce (egg yolk, shallots, and tarragon vinegar), steamed carrots, fresh lemon slices, and vegetable medallion (mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and fresh herbs shaped in small mounds and baked to perfection). Yum yum.

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Eminent Eight

Thank you very much to Judy of Musha Mommy for the tag. Feel free to snag, ladies!

8 Movies You Recently Watched 1. New Moon
2. The Hangover
3. The Ugly Truth
4. Up In The Air
5. Charlie Wilson's War (highly recommended)
6. Red Cliff
7. Cars
8. North Country (highly recommended)

8 Places to Eat & Drink

1. Taza, Al Satwa (you must try their spicy broasted chicken)
2. The Noodle Bowl, Al Dhiyafa (Cantonese Food)
3. Sezzam, Kempinski Hotel (Intercontinental Friday brunch)
4. Tagpuan (the best Pinoy restaurant we tried)
5. MORE Cafe
6. Al Muntaha, Burj Al Arab (a must for an expat)
7. Seville, Wafi City (Spanish food, music, and wine)
8. Spice Island, Renaissance Hotel (perfect when you have guests visiting the city)
8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Get a wavy perm soon =)
2. New decreased rent. And/Or place. By March.
3. Our 4th wedding anniversary in April.
4. The Holiday
5. Flea Market
6. Getting back to paid posts
7. Dolphin Show
8. At The Top, Burj Khalifa

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:  
1. Baked brownies with toasted almonds
2. Read and played with Andreas
3. Went to Dubai Mall to follow up bank statement
4. Read 7Days and GulfNews
5. Started to pack way winter clothes
6. Bloghopped
7. Replied to e-mails.
8. Uploaded photos to FB

8 Things I Love about Winter: 1. Trips to the park!
2. Winter boots.
3. Sale of summer clothes =)
4. Hot chocolate.
5. Flea market
6. We can enjoy eating, sleeping, reading, and playing at the balcony.
7. Global Village
8. Dubai Shopping Festival

8 Things I Learned In The Past
 1. Exercise is not over until you do your sit-ups.
2. Listen to that little voice inside.
3. Don't try to impress people you do not know.
4. Let kids enjoy their childhood.
5. Parents are the best role-model for their kids.
6. Tolerate.
7. SAVE. Live credit card free if you can.
8. Love, eat, and pray.

Happy Thursday and thank you for the visit!

Sand Art

I took this bottled sand art during our visit to the annual outdoor shopping festival called Global Village. The craft is very popular among tourists visiting the Middle East. Customers can personalize them, ask their name to be written or choose an image to be drawn inside the bottle.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

E is for Eggs, Exhibit, Entertainment

Time for some Wednesday fun! My take for today's letter E


Customised exotic cars such as Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Porsche are currently on exhibit at the Dubai Mall as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival which runs from January 28 to February 28. 

The Swarovski Elements Fashion Exhibit at Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall. Some 10 branding partrners from UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia created haute couture gowns embellished with Swarovski Crystallized Elements.

 E N T E R T A I N M E N T

Stiltwalkers give free entertainment to young and old shoppers around various shopping malls in Dubai.

E G G s

This is the Spanish Omelet I ordered for breakfast at a charming little cafe called 3nity.

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You Got Driving Black Points?

Hubby's been making numerous trips to Ruwais, Abu Dhabi for an ADNOC Project. He comes home really late and frequently very tired that he needs to speed up his driving just to keep himself awake. And so it doesn't come us a surprise when the camera flashed on him while his driving exceeded 30km/h than the allowed speed limit. 

He told me this over the phone after receiving his notice of AED 600 (P7,500) fine. I gave him a chuckle and said we will pay over the weekend. I am just thankful that he comes home safely everytime. Ruwais is a two hour drive from Abu Dhabi. And the capital is anothet two hour drive to Dubai. So I have no complains but simply grateful that he comes through the frontdoor whole and safe. 

After we hung up, i recalled about the driving black points. Here in Dubai, if you accumulate 24 black points in a year, you are banned from driving for one year. Gosh, it is only February and if hubby starts collecting points as early as now, we won't be seeing our beloved Fortuner in no time. I Googled for info and luckily, the RTA has an updated website where you can check traffic violations including the corresponding black points and number of days the car will be impounded.

You can visit the website here. Thank goodness speeding has no black points. For now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Victoria Beckham's 2010 Fall Collection

Love her or loathe her but Victoria Beckham is my icon -  a devoted mother, a determined wife, yet an every inch of a fashionista. I do not see why anybody would hate her except for the reason that they cannot live in that glorious Beckingham Palace. Well, let's all eat our heart out and move on. This woman deserves an applause.

Since Dubai used to be a British colony, we have more news of celebrities from UK and Bollywood than those from Hollywood. Filipinos just arriving would be shocked that Katie Price does make it on the cover of Hello magazine when the issues we have in the Philippines have the A-list Hollywood on cover such as Aniston and Pitt (yes, i prefer Jen than that controlling brunette). So that is how i got to read more about the Beckhams. And the more i read i about them, the more i saw that there was nothing not to like about the family (yes even that affair thing. I'm glad Victoria stood by her husband because they are more powerful when 'together'). I think that they were once voted as the best representation of a modern family.

Anyway, before i drift further, I am here to share my pick on Victoria's 2010/11 Autumn/Winter Collection which she presented last Sunday during the 2010 New York Fashion Week. Yes, i'm dreamin because with that hefty price tag, there is no way regular peeps like me could own one. But heck there is no price to pay for dreamin.'

These Posh Frocks are added to my wishlist. I chose them based on my body type, my age, and yes, that i would actually wear them. Your preferences evolve as you age. When teens are about following the fad, twenties in mini-skirts, shorts, and stilletos, thirties i think is a time to invest in key pieces. I think that a dress, a skirt , or a blouse should have clean cut lines but with interesting details. You can also go for the basic color, like the white dress but accesorize with vintage pieces.

Victoria had about 19 creations. I particularly find what she dubbed the "cloud dress" a must have buit since i still have a zebra print bubble dress waiting on the closet It is not included on my pick. These days, when I am looking at it, I wonder what in the hell was i thinking buying that puffed dress. But I love the shiny satin fabric so I am keeping it teeheee.

I love a woman in a belted trench coat. i think that it's sexy, tough, and mysterious. So  my first pick is this tench coat inspired number. I love the wet look and lame gold tone. But with that thigh high slit, I can only get away with this at the exclusive Al Qasr Beach or inside the house cooking for the husband.

Next is what she dubbed as the orchid dress. Everyone would agree that the draping is perfect. I have broad shoulders and slim hips so those wrap around tulip skirt works for me. This dress gives the illusion that my hips are 2 inches wider than they are lolz! And i love that it comes in black color. I love purple but I wouldn't want to look like a walking orchid.

Then my third choice is again a black number which i don't mind if it comes in white. I am huge fan of white dresses.  I chose this for the interesting neckline and that sexy sleeve. Before my pregnancy, i was a huge fan of sleveless and haltered tops and closed necklines. Now, i am doing my best to hide those flabby arms! oh how i wish to lose that extra 5 kg! And if i wear closed necklines, my shoulders just seem to get bigger so I had to go for those V-necks which is very inconvenient went stooping to scoop your toddler. The moment you look up, those Pana and Patan are ogling aaargh.

And lastly, this red dress maybe slouchy but when you have great legs, it's what left of what you can flaunt even at 50 =)

Home Treatment For Toddler Diarrhea

My 25 month old son suffered from severe diarrhea (his very first)  that lasted for 5 days. I am sharing here the helpful home remedies I read online. We wanted to bring him to the hospital on the fourth day (that was Thursday) but his paedia is only available during office hours. So we had to wait two more days before we can see the doctor as the hospital is closed on Fridays.

Diarrhea is defined as watery stools that occur for about 8-10 times a day. I actually lost track of our trips to the bathroom. The two pack of 81-piece Bambi was gone in the the whole five days. If there is no blood in his stool, no fever, no vomiting, no foul smell in stool, and there is appetite, you can hold off calling the expensive paedia consultation (here, it costs AED 500 or P6,250 per session) and try the following.

1. Refrain giving him from dairy products except for yoghurt. Just give him plenty of water and grape juice so his body will flush off whatever his sytem is rejecting. No apple juice either or any sugary drinks. Some even recommended regular Coke for them to sip but we stick to grape juice. And the Kiddie Pharmaton. I do not give regular vitamins to Andreas. I only do so when he is sick.

2. The liquid diet can last up to 6 to 24 hours. I had my son on this diet for 12 hours before giving him BRAT - banana, rice, apple, and white toast. Give it in small amounts because he probably still cannot digest them as his intestines are still sore. If his stool is still chunky after feeding BRAT, you might want to go back to liquid diet and try including soya milk.

3. Andreas clearly lost weight on the third but i still did not give him his regular Gain milk. Instead, we gave him Kaptin, an over-the-counter anti diarrhea oral suspension. It takes effect after 48 hours - and even longer for younger kids. Parents are encouraged to address diarrhea through the child's diet. But I was on panic mode now since this is the first time it happened and because we cannot see the paedia yet, i had to consult the nearest pharmacist at least.

4. On the fourth day, we gave him Wyeth Nursoy, a lactose free milk formula which we found cheaper than any other lactose free milk.  It took a day before Andreas actually swallowed his new milk (from 6 months, he was devoted to Gain) but maybe he so wanted to suck on his Avent that it really didn't matter what kind of milk he was available for him.

5. He was very weak on the fifth day but by then, his stool started to be solid. I guess Kaptin was working by now. Since there was no fever the whole time and no foul smell, we opted to cancel our Saturday appointment to the paedia. I took him to Zabeel Park for some sunshine. He was weak but he managed to enjoy himself on the slides and sand play area. When the ice cream man passed by, Andreas went over and so I bought him a  London Dairy drumstick which he happily devoured.

6. It's been three days now since he got better and appetite is back.He is eating everything again from chicken biryani to avocado milk shake.  I also stopped giving him his vitamin. But toddlers develop lactose intolerance while suffering diarrhea, so we decided not to give him yet his regular milk. He is now sucking on Nursoy without fuss so i figured we finish the small can first before going back to Gain.

We will never know what caused that diarrhea. It could be part of his teething - back molars are erupting. It could be something he ate, or just chronic diarrhea. The condition is actually very common with toddlers and they outgrow it around five years old.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Visiting Dubai?

If you ever intend to come here for a visit or a holiday, hopefully you can plan it during the Dubai Shopping Festival. The city is soo beautiful with lights on every corner and street. Were it not for the absence of Santa Claus, one would think it is Christmas in this part of the world. Shopping malls and even high end stores have emblazoned 75% off, further reductions, and clearance sale on their glass windows. 

 Stilt Dancers at Dubai Mall

Added to that, there are surprise shows and exhibits absolutely free inside the shopping malls - perhaps to keep the kids and Daddies entertained while Mommies tire themselves of going to store from store. The Dubai Shopping Festival is usually held on months of January and February every year. In fact it is now going on its 15th year. It is the brainchild of the current Ruler of Dubai when he was still a Crown Prince.

Four years in here and a trip to the mall is part of the family's routine. Hubby loathes shopping but  he knows his way around Dubai Mall. Security guards and cafe staff smile in recognition of Andreas. And yet, we've never seen as many people shopping these days. The enormous Dubai Mall is packed every night. Deira City Center's car park is a nightmare. And people are not only passing by the mall for a quick bite. They are carrying shopping bags which meant they purchased and took advantage of the discounts.

One more thing, these months are considered the winter time here in the UAE. It is cold enough to wear your leather jackets...and for some who came from snowy part of the world, the temperture is just perfect for sun bathing.
For those who missed the 2009 Dubai International Motorshow, you can visit the exhibit of customized exotic cars at the main entrance of Dubai Mall. Yes it's absolutely free and yes you will see Ferrari, Bentley, and Merc in all their glory.

Perhaps those are the reasons why the famous Charlotte Church is on a holiday here with her family. And of course the Terry family. Apparently, the wife Toni opted to heal her spirits here in Dubai after the scandal broke. She's been sporting gorgeous bikinis for a couple of days now. And yes, i think she looks better when she's a brunette.

Gulf Bike Expo 2010

I am joining a new meme called Ruby Tuesday. Here you can share any photo you have that has color red in it - could be all red, some red, or just a lil' red. The thing is, there should be something ruby, red, and luscious (kidding!).

I posted the heart-stopping bike stunts on my Kero's Celebration so now, I want to share one of my favorite display among those Ducati's and Harley Davidson.

Check this out.

When I first saw the bike, the white wall tires reminded me of the movie Cars. The one that Luigi insisted perfect for Lightning McQueen's Piston Cup Race =)

My first entry for 

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