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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love Lessons (Part 3)

"A married couple are well suited when both partners usually feel the need for a quarrel at the same time." ~ Jean Rostand 

How To Make Up Right

Love Lesson 12
"In every argument there are two parties who are responsible. Find out what are you responsible for and apologise."

Love Lesson 13
"Life is too short to not to speak to the person you love for any extended period of time."

Okay, i'm guilty of this hihi. When i am fuming, I completely shut up and i need to be alone. I have to leave the room or the house. I need fresh air to put things back in perspective. We all have different ways of dealing with anger and disappointment but  the important thing is, you kiss and make up before going to bed.

Love Lesson 14
"Of course say you are sorry, and then ask what you can do to show your commitment to be a better person."

Love Lesson 15
"One of the best predictors of a happy and long-lasting marriage is fair fighting. Arguments will happen (if you never disagree with your mate then you are probably not being as open and honest as would be healthy). And making up (including what you say and do, how you say it, and how long it takes you to forgive) is a vital component of the argument."

"Change your goal from 'winning the argument' to 'winning as a couple' by listening to, respecting, and even appreciating each other's differences."

How To Survive Parenting

Love Lesson 16
"take time for you and your relationship. As important as it is to nurture your child so they can grow and thrive, it should not come at the cost of your health and the health of your relationship. Take time out to do things that make you happy and everyone in the family will reap the benefits."

Love Lesson 17
"The best gift you can give your children is a happy and long-lasting marriage. Despite their great needs, children will thrive when they see their parents loving each other and giving quality time to the marriage, without always including the children."

Love Lesson 18
"Know that children are a life-long deal. Learn to say 'no' sometimes. Provide them with tools for making their own decisions and never lose sight of the special relationship you have with your spouse."

Love Lesson 19
"Children thrive when their parents love each other. Do this first and the rest gets a lot easier. Children do not benefit when you spend so much ti,e and energy on their needs that you are too tired for your spouse. They grow less secure when you ask them to take sides or keep secrets from their other parent. And it is through your eyes and words that they develop respect and love for their parents, and later on, their mates."

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