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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Victoria Beckham's 2010 Fall Collection

Love her or loathe her but Victoria Beckham is my icon -  a devoted mother, a determined wife, yet an every inch of a fashionista. I do not see why anybody would hate her except for the reason that they cannot live in that glorious Beckingham Palace. Well, let's all eat our heart out and move on. This woman deserves an applause.

Since Dubai used to be a British colony, we have more news of celebrities from UK and Bollywood than those from Hollywood. Filipinos just arriving would be shocked that Katie Price does make it on the cover of Hello magazine when the issues we have in the Philippines have the A-list Hollywood on cover such as Aniston and Pitt (yes, i prefer Jen than that controlling brunette). So that is how i got to read more about the Beckhams. And the more i read i about them, the more i saw that there was nothing not to like about the family (yes even that affair thing. I'm glad Victoria stood by her husband because they are more powerful when 'together'). I think that they were once voted as the best representation of a modern family.

Anyway, before i drift further, I am here to share my pick on Victoria's 2010/11 Autumn/Winter Collection which she presented last Sunday during the 2010 New York Fashion Week. Yes, i'm dreamin because with that hefty price tag, there is no way regular peeps like me could own one. But heck there is no price to pay for dreamin.'

These Posh Frocks are added to my wishlist. I chose them based on my body type, my age, and yes, that i would actually wear them. Your preferences evolve as you age. When teens are about following the fad, twenties in mini-skirts, shorts, and stilletos, thirties i think is a time to invest in key pieces. I think that a dress, a skirt , or a blouse should have clean cut lines but with interesting details. You can also go for the basic color, like the white dress but accesorize with vintage pieces.

Victoria had about 19 creations. I particularly find what she dubbed the "cloud dress" a must have buit since i still have a zebra print bubble dress waiting on the closet It is not included on my pick. These days, when I am looking at it, I wonder what in the hell was i thinking buying that puffed dress. But I love the shiny satin fabric so I am keeping it teeheee.

I love a woman in a belted trench coat. i think that it's sexy, tough, and mysterious. So  my first pick is this tench coat inspired number. I love the wet look and lame gold tone. But with that thigh high slit, I can only get away with this at the exclusive Al Qasr Beach or inside the house cooking for the husband.

Next is what she dubbed as the orchid dress. Everyone would agree that the draping is perfect. I have broad shoulders and slim hips so those wrap around tulip skirt works for me. This dress gives the illusion that my hips are 2 inches wider than they are lolz! And i love that it comes in black color. I love purple but I wouldn't want to look like a walking orchid.

Then my third choice is again a black number which i don't mind if it comes in white. I am huge fan of white dresses.  I chose this for the interesting neckline and that sexy sleeve. Before my pregnancy, i was a huge fan of sleveless and haltered tops and closed necklines. Now, i am doing my best to hide those flabby arms! oh how i wish to lose that extra 5 kg! And if i wear closed necklines, my shoulders just seem to get bigger so I had to go for those V-necks which is very inconvenient went stooping to scoop your toddler. The moment you look up, those Pana and Patan are ogling aaargh.

And lastly, this red dress maybe slouchy but when you have great legs, it's what left of what you can flaunt even at 50 =)

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betz said...

Posh just got everything in life, don't she? her collection shows it. i love her.


PS. lovely blog btw.


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