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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Got Driving Black Points?

Hubby's been making numerous trips to Ruwais, Abu Dhabi for an ADNOC Project. He comes home really late and frequently very tired that he needs to speed up his driving just to keep himself awake. And so it doesn't come us a surprise when the camera flashed on him while his driving exceeded 30km/h than the allowed speed limit. 

He told me this over the phone after receiving his notice of AED 600 (P7,500) fine. I gave him a chuckle and said we will pay over the weekend. I am just thankful that he comes home safely everytime. Ruwais is a two hour drive from Abu Dhabi. And the capital is anothet two hour drive to Dubai. So I have no complains but simply grateful that he comes through the frontdoor whole and safe. 

After we hung up, i recalled about the driving black points. Here in Dubai, if you accumulate 24 black points in a year, you are banned from driving for one year. Gosh, it is only February and if hubby starts collecting points as early as now, we won't be seeing our beloved Fortuner in no time. I Googled for info and luckily, the RTA has an updated website where you can check traffic violations including the corresponding black points and number of days the car will be impounded.

You can visit the website here. Thank goodness speeding has no black points. For now.

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