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Monday, February 15, 2010

Visiting Dubai?

If you ever intend to come here for a visit or a holiday, hopefully you can plan it during the Dubai Shopping Festival. The city is soo beautiful with lights on every corner and street. Were it not for the absence of Santa Claus, one would think it is Christmas in this part of the world. Shopping malls and even high end stores have emblazoned 75% off, further reductions, and clearance sale on their glass windows. 

 Stilt Dancers at Dubai Mall

Added to that, there are surprise shows and exhibits absolutely free inside the shopping malls - perhaps to keep the kids and Daddies entertained while Mommies tire themselves of going to store from store. The Dubai Shopping Festival is usually held on months of January and February every year. In fact it is now going on its 15th year. It is the brainchild of the current Ruler of Dubai when he was still a Crown Prince.

Four years in here and a trip to the mall is part of the family's routine. Hubby loathes shopping but  he knows his way around Dubai Mall. Security guards and cafe staff smile in recognition of Andreas. And yet, we've never seen as many people shopping these days. The enormous Dubai Mall is packed every night. Deira City Center's car park is a nightmare. And people are not only passing by the mall for a quick bite. They are carrying shopping bags which meant they purchased and took advantage of the discounts.

One more thing, these months are considered the winter time here in the UAE. It is cold enough to wear your leather jackets...and for some who came from snowy part of the world, the temperture is just perfect for sun bathing.
For those who missed the 2009 Dubai International Motorshow, you can visit the exhibit of customized exotic cars at the main entrance of Dubai Mall. Yes it's absolutely free and yes you will see Ferrari, Bentley, and Merc in all their glory.

Perhaps those are the reasons why the famous Charlotte Church is on a holiday here with her family. And of course the Terry family. Apparently, the wife Toni opted to heal her spirits here in Dubai after the scandal broke. She's been sporting gorgeous bikinis for a couple of days now. And yes, i think she looks better when she's a brunette.

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