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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Lessons (Part 1)

Cheesy as it may sound, people are Googling for such topics. And so when I came across an article on local Aquarius magazine discussing the likes, I decided to share it with my online visitors. Four years of marriage and reading the following, I was like yes, true, really? here's a gentle reminder for every person out there married or in a relationship.

The following posts will come in four parts. Do come back when you have the chance. Let me know as well if you want to repost. Those in italic are my notes so you don't have to read them. Just move on to the next lesson =)

How To Make Your Love Last

Love Lesson 1
"Work on developing and maintaining a deep friendship. Often, couples forget why they fell in love because of children, work, or running a house that they forget to nurture their friendship. Love is similar to any other thing in life - if we want it to grow and flourish, we need to spend time nurturing it."

Love Lesson 2
"Prioritise the relationship. Make it more important than work, or children because indeed it is. Work will come and go. And when you've prioritised  the marriage over the children, the children still receive all the benefit."

Love Lesson 3
"Wake up each day a loving thought and then turn it into an action."

I think it could be as simple as cooking your partner's favorite dish, or a promised massage when he comes home later from work. 

Love Lesson 4
"Expect love, all sorts of love, and not any particular act of love, like an anniversary gift, breakfast in bed,a  high income, or a long conversation about feelings. While you wait for one, you miss all the others. If you wait impatiently, you may discourage your spouse from trying others."

I soo believe in it. Who likes to receive flowers all the time? I want chocolates as well, a one year subscription of newspaper, or even being driven to flea market. Joke. The thing is, what your partner does for you, appreciate it and think of it as an act of love. Once you do that, you will see loving gestures in every way.

Love Lesson 5
You have to think about your relationship everyday and create ways to help your mate feel good about himself/herself. You both must be committed to keep it on going on."

When you have a toddler in the house, cuddling for two minutes is impossible without being disturbed. And then there are times you are just soo tired all you want in the world is to doze off. But ultimately, you have to make time for landian.

Love Lesson 6
"Happy people do not have less wrenches thrown into their lives. However they do see and appreciate  the positive that are also in their lives. Instead of dwelling o your partner's less than optimal characteristic, change the focus and and concentrate on his/her positive traits. If you can, verbally identify his or her positives and write down at least one thing you feel grateful for about your partner every day."

I will interrupt this post for a meme so do come back if you want to read on keeping the romance alive =)

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