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Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Lessons (Part 2)

Shall we proceed?

How To Keep The Romance Alive

Love Lesson 7
"Be genuinely interested in the other person. Get to know your partners's likes and dislikes and make sure you update yourself because people change and so do their desires. A person will naturally be attracted to someone who shows interest in them."

Thank you, darling, for always asking how my day was. Even if you knew i stayed at home all day hihi.Thank you too for being genuinely interested in whatever I do online.

Love Lesson 8
"Pay attention to the small things such remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Go beyond that to take special interest in what your partner is doing or interested in. If a wife has a doctor's appointment, a husband should remember and inquire how it went."

Love Lesson 9
"Review your wedding day and early courtship frequently and feel the emotions."

Haaay, thankies for Couple's Corner =)

Love Lesson 10
"Never, ever complain about what is missing. Instead make it as fun as possible and as easy as possible to be romantic together. Prepare a romantic meal, light a few candles, send the children to visit friends. And remember that men are more likely to offer romance when women offer respect and admiration."

Love Lesson 11
"Be spontaneous and remember any other special days you share as a couple, whether it means writing a poem if the budget is tight. Act as if you are always going out on your first date and put your best foot forward for each other, but still feel comfirtable and relaxed with each other other. You'll experience that amazing blend of  felling familiar but still excited about how you spend your time together."

Loove it! more reasons to revamp my closet =)

Succeeding posts will show us how to make up right......and surviving parenting. Thank you for your continued interest.

Have a glorious Monday everyone!

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