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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eminent Eight

Thank you very much to Judy of Musha Mommy for the tag. Feel free to snag, ladies!

8 Movies You Recently Watched 1. New Moon
2. The Hangover
3. The Ugly Truth
4. Up In The Air
5. Charlie Wilson's War (highly recommended)
6. Red Cliff
7. Cars
8. North Country (highly recommended)

8 Places to Eat & Drink

1. Taza, Al Satwa (you must try their spicy broasted chicken)
2. The Noodle Bowl, Al Dhiyafa (Cantonese Food)
3. Sezzam, Kempinski Hotel (Intercontinental Friday brunch)
4. Tagpuan (the best Pinoy restaurant we tried)
5. MORE Cafe
6. Al Muntaha, Burj Al Arab (a must for an expat)
7. Seville, Wafi City (Spanish food, music, and wine)
8. Spice Island, Renaissance Hotel (perfect when you have guests visiting the city)
8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Get a wavy perm soon =)
2. New decreased rent. And/Or place. By March.
3. Our 4th wedding anniversary in April.
4. The Holiday
5. Flea Market
6. Getting back to paid posts
7. Dolphin Show
8. At The Top, Burj Khalifa

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:  
1. Baked brownies with toasted almonds
2. Read and played with Andreas
3. Went to Dubai Mall to follow up bank statement
4. Read 7Days and GulfNews
5. Started to pack way winter clothes
6. Bloghopped
7. Replied to e-mails.
8. Uploaded photos to FB

8 Things I Love about Winter: 1. Trips to the park!
2. Winter boots.
3. Sale of summer clothes =)
4. Hot chocolate.
5. Flea market
6. We can enjoy eating, sleeping, reading, and playing at the balcony.
7. Global Village
8. Dubai Shopping Festival

8 Things I Learned In The Past
 1. Exercise is not over until you do your sit-ups.
2. Listen to that little voice inside.
3. Don't try to impress people you do not know.
4. Let kids enjoy their childhood.
5. Parents are the best role-model for their kids.
6. Tolerate.
7. SAVE. Live credit card free if you can.
8. Love, eat, and pray.

Happy Thursday and thank you for the visit!

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