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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Polka Dot Fish

I took this photo during one of our trips to the Aquarium and Discovery Center inside Dubai Mall. I am not sure what you call this fish but i find it very pretty and i'm glad I was able to get a good shot.

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janet said...

thanks for visiting my mellow yellow entry. yes, we may exlinks. grabbing your link now. :D

Rita said...

What a cute fish. I have never seen one like it before.

thanks for posting it.

The Horizon said...

Love the fish... so different and cute.

My Hand-Made Crystals said...

Can you eat this fish? Love the color

Manang Kim said...

It's really a good shot I have never seen this colorful and beautiful fish, parang naka dress ^_^ Thanks for the visit dear I do appreciate it.


Willa said...

and it's also a one big fish!
Welcome to Mellow Yellow!!!

cheesecakepoi said...

Welcome to mellow yellow. That fish is so cute!

My yellow post is up too.

marites1034 said...

woah..the fish looks extraterrestial. really good capture! sure, we can xlinks:)

snapperoni said...

cute yellow lips!

I've never seen a fish of this pattern... It's very nice.

Grace said...

What a unique fish!.
The polka-dotted belly of the fish must be a camoflauge. To me ,the best coloring is the yellow leopard-type pattern,rrrooaar.

Happy Mellow yellow Monday!

Marice said...

wow thats really cute :) my kid will definitely love this :)

u may view mine here


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