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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Guess what?!! We went to Dreamland Aqua Park today ((^_^))

Oh it was so not planned! We just had a breakfast  of spaghetti and garlic bread and we were lounging around reading to Andreas. Hubby asked if we were doing anything interesting later today so I told him why don't we visit UAE's ultimate get-away resort.

We traveled 75 kilometres and along the way, we saw camels and donkeys which were really a delight! However, I also saw numerous vehicles that broke down on the side of the road.  Some were in the process of being towed. I bet those car owners receiving road side assistance  in the middle of the scorching desert were considerate of unforseen events. They may have bought the extended auto warranty

Well my dear readers, if your family like ours enjoy roadtrips, please take time to consider your car's warranty coverage. I have to go now and dowload our photos.

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