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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Man For You (Part III)

I am feeling all weekendy here with the smell of roast duck all over the house. Oh hubby will enjoy the surprise! He will arrive anytime now but before I prepare our drinks, I am squeezing this post (due to several DMs) while my little boy is cooperating and busy counting his wooden toy train.

JULY MEN (born between June 21st and July 20th)

**They have a very compelling charm. You may thoroughly disapprove of their laziness and improvident ways, yet you can't help adoring them!

If your boy is a July man, you must be the practical one and think of ways and means, for he won't. He'll romantically swear by love in cottage, but not like it quiet so well when it means hard work and getting up early!

He is the real romantic - the one woman man, who finds his wife as lovable when she is old and grey as in her pretty youth. She may be sure that he will never tire of her.

AUGUST MEN (born between July 21st and August 20th)
**They feel like royalty and rather look for the same deference! An August husband expects to a little king in his own home. he has a great sense of dignity, so never, never make him look ridiculous!

He likes artistic, well run home, first-class cooking, and a wife who is an excellent hostess

SEPTEMBER MEN (born between August 21 and September 20th)
**They never go crazy about you. At the same time, in a level-headed way, a September boy may love you dearly and want to spend the rest of his life in your company. He marries for companionship and affection rather than romance.

He is a wonderful comrade, always interesting and lovable. Try to be tidy and methodical when you wed a September man for he believes there is a plan, a time, and a place for everything!

That's all for your weekend conversation, thinking, and perusal lolzzz ((^_^)). We will wrap the topic next week. Until then and have a fantastic Friday!

2 cupcakes:

♥ joei said...

funny post! :))

☆ definitely, maybe ☆

Kero said...

hi Joie! curious tuloy ako kung ano birth month ni Mr. T hihihih


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