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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get Back To Fitness With A Jogging Stroller

A fellow expat Mom is having her second child. She is on her second tri-sem pregnancy but she is excited like this is her first child! You see, it took them almost a decade to have another child. So  her shopping list includes cot, pram, baby first aid kit, and all those cute onesies.

We will be meeting each other tomorrow at the Dubai Mall and make the most of the Summer Surprises Sale. We were both e-mailed last week of a 50% discount sale on Mothercare. However, I might suggest to her about a purchase of Schwinn Jogging Stroller. She is in her late thirties and a firm believer in fitness regimen. We both live near live near Zabeel Park which has a kilometer of great jogging track so I think this is just perfect.

Schwinn Jogging Stroller are built with extra padding, and bigger sunshade to keep babies comfortable while maneuvering through terrain. Of course, there is the important reclining features. It even has a bigger wheel for a smooth ride. I think any mother should consider this type of stroller because it gives them a chance to workout and still bond with their newborns.

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