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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bvlgari au The Rouge

For a awhile now, I had been looking for a scent that Hubby can wear during day time. I want something that can compliment his suit while attending meetings with lawyers, consultants, and project managers. You see, he has only one perfume - Dune by Christian Dior. He had it before we were even married (like four years ago) and I think he used only about 10 ml.  Now he stopped  spritzing it all. I think he finds the scent overwhelming that the 50ml bottle's only chance to be lifted is when we clean the bathroom counter.

Although he did say once that he finds perfumes too artificial, I do want him coming home smelling good from time to time lol! So I bought this on sale. 

Bulgari au The Rouge. The small gift box contains body lotion, cologne, and after shave emulsion. 

The Rouge (Red Tea) is the third series of tea-based perfume from Bvlgari. This is the first time I bought a signature perfume and I am probably not the best person to judge.  Though the tester started heavy, the scent soon turned to a sweet, mild, and calming effect. Hubby nodded to it and when we got home, he complimented the box looks nice LOL!

Anyways, the other night, he got to use it for the first time when we attended the  media launching of 2010 Cartier Exhibit at The Dubai Mall. I gotta say, the scent was very appealing ((^_^)) 

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Auntie E said...

I thinks it important that you like it also. after all you will be the one who smells it a lot in the air and on the man.'
My Ruby Tuesday link for you

Greyscale Territory said...

Love all the thought you put into selecting a scent for your hubby! Delightful post!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

LOL....typical man tho..."The box looks nice". But, I bet he appreciates all the effort and will wear it and make you happy too.

Do stop by if you can find time and visit with me.


Roxxy said...

aww love bvlgari smell, just that my husband doesn't really used perfumes, he doesn't sweat a lot and no body odor at all.but it's nice for men to smeel luxurious!hehe..good day!hope you can visit my entry

mapeh homepage said...

I love it however little expensive.
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