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Thursday, October 28, 2010

DePuy Hip Recall

As I continue my post on DePuy Hip Recall, I found one interesting question raised by a reader: What is wrong with a surgery revision?

The site, called Hip Recall Attorney dedicates a page on questions you should ask your doctor if your hip replacement failed. Two questions of them addresses the risk of a surgery revision and I share with you what they have to say:

1) The only way to repair a defective hip implant is to replace it during a second "revision" surgery. These procedure is longer, more technically difficult, and yields less satisfactory result than the initial surgery.

2. While each case is unique, your doctor should tell you that a second hip device is more difficult to position because the bone on which it will be mounted may be compromised. The surgery will take longer, resulting in greater blood loss. Your recovery will also be lengthier due to a greater danger of implant dislocation.

If you opt then not to have a revision surgery, do know that the recalled DePuy hip implants had been determined to fail at a very high rate and can cause high levels of metal ion release.

Learn more of your rights and seek legal representation. Contact a DePuy hip recall attorney for free legal advice today.

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Peter Lee said...

I’ve read many posts on this Johnson & Johnson hip replacement recall and I personally think it’s a very sad episode. A hip replacement failure can mean serious injuries for the patient, aside from the revision surgery that the patient will very likely face. Patients should attempt to be very watchful for certain signs that their hip replacement device is failing. For example, swelling of the hip area, popping or clicking, pain on a regular or chronic basis, loosening or implant dislocation, and even fractures are all fairly good signs that the device is about to fail or has failed. It’s good to know that a new registry is now set up to track problems with hip and knee implants across the United States in light of the recent 90,000 recall cases from Johnson&Johnson.

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