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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Columbia Kids' Skimmer

Andreas received this early Christmas  gift from Tita Sarah and Ninong Oliver. I was soo happy because my son has outgrown his Barefoot sandals and I was thinking of buying a larger size the next pay day. It looks like we are saved from another expenditure. Big smile.

From pool to mall. Very stylish!
What makes this so special is that it's  a gear for little swimmers. It is made up of light material so it dries fast when we bring it to the pool. (then drive to Dubai Mall). Before, I had to take Andreas to the pool barefoot because it takes a good two days for his old sandals to dry up. More importantly, it has Omni-grip rubber traction outer sole so you can rest your worries on kids slipping down the pool.

Take note though, that the sizes are a little smaller compared to other shoes with the same size. So I would recommend buying one size bigger.

Thank you so much to our generous family friends! Columbia Sportswear Company can be found at The Dubai Mall.

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