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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snow Powder

How would you like to have snow inside your house? During a recent trip to Mirdiff City Center, we dropped by a toy store. Andreas got busy with sand box but instead of sand, they placed snow powder. They have shovels and pails that my son really enjoyed playing for almost an hour. The kind lady in-charge of the shop then showed us about their Snow Powder product.

As the photos show below, you just add water and it expands  a hundred times. You can use it over and over again and definitely not toxic. You can use it  as well for decoration  during the holiday season. The product says it is suitable for four-year-olds and above, and I think as what the toy shop did, it is a tidier substitute for sand when kids want to play indoors with their sand box.

Go snow crazy with Snow Powder for 90 AED

1 cupcakes:

imriz said...

my little girl would love this:) i'm not sure when this will be available near our area.

btw, please do come again and share in the fun, pretty please:)
have a great weekend.


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