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Sunday, October 31, 2010


"Age shouldn't affect you. It's just like the size of your shoes - they don't determine how you live your life! You're either marvelous or you're boring, regardless of your age." 
~ Steven Morrissey

Will probably be wearing boots come December until February . Until then, these are my current pairs:

I have a thing for patent pumps (and bags lol!). I think they are much easier to clean. And that shiny polish gives off a squeaky clean look.I bought my first pair (from Paprika) three years ago and I am still wearing it today.

This is from Red Herring. my first stuff from the store. I used  it first when we attended the 2010 Cartier Exhibit.

Metallic ballet flats from Topshop. This is the second item  I bought from the store. The first Topshop I owned was a silver metallic tulip skirt. I love how they execute the "metal" design and color. Sparkly but not loud and cut in a really elegant manner.

These gray patent are my autumn favorite from Pretty Fit. They are next to the comfiest pair I own.

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