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Monday, October 11, 2010

First Coin Bank

My son got his first coin bank over the weekend. It was part of the goody bag from the birthday party we attended in KFC at Sharjah.

I was really happy because it is included on Andreas' to-do list for this year that he should be acquainted with the idea of saving money - at least  in the form of a piggy bank. After showing him how to drop the dirham, he is now regularly reaching for top of our fridge where we place all our loose coins. This morning, he got upset because he wanted more serving of brownies ( he is limited to two slices). To soothe him, I gave him a dirham. He happily reach for it and went down from his high chair to look for his coin bank.

He sure is having fun dropping and shaking them after. I just don't know if he will still feel the same when he finally figures out that he can exchange the coins for a slice chocolate cake at the nearby confectionery ((^_^)).

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Lui said...

That was great of you to teach him to save early! Perfect Tuesday!

Vernz said...

Wow sis perfect red... sana di mawala ang susi... para di masira..hahaha... yeah kasi my kids have one of this kind and they lost the key.. ending.. we broke the tin..

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Roxxy said...

nice and very cute =)

Auntie E said...

What a great bank. he will save a let of money I'm sure.
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imriz said...

haha, baka dalin sa store un coin bank hano:)))
teaching the value of savings is teaching our kids the value of money.
happy weekend.

john smith said...

Having your child putting a sheet of paper, written down with his or her new year's wish or target, into the Character Coin Bank. Money Coin Bank


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