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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facial & Skin Care Products I Use

I was recently invited by ImRiz to her new kikay meme called Beauty Madness. I cannot share much because i am not fussy about make-ups and I certainly don't have a beauty regimen. But I value all my blogger friends so I will try my best to be a part of this meme.

The first topic, which I missed talks about Facial Care. Funny because teh other day, Hubby asked If I ever used Eskinol back in the Philippines. He's got six sisters and probably wondering why he does not see any facial cleanser in our bathroom (grin).

I think cleansers only dries up my skin. With the kind of weather we have here in Dubai, I opted to invest on moisturizers. I use a separate day and night Olay Total Effects Moisturizer.

Currently, the topic is on Skin Care and this is where I go gaga about. I'm a huge fan of body moisturizers - especially the scented ones. Our bath is full of those pretty little bottles! 

Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton

While the weather is still warm, this is my current my favorite. Even Hubby complimented the refreshing scent, and he is not known to appreciate perfumes or colognes. He says he finds them too artificial (grin).

B&B Warm Vanilla Sugar

And come December or when it is cold enough, I will be using this for my bubble bath. Boy, its makes your skin good enough to eat!

Yardley English Lavender Soap

As for soap, I recently tried Yardley and I like the creamy lather - and it's old English appearance.The lavender scent too wafts comfortingly every time you open the bath.

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imriz said...

i agree w/ u that cleansers can dry up skin, so i used facial wash in the simplest form, like the cetaphil.
i haven't tried olay, a bit much pricey here, hehe.
i love the line, "it makes ur skin good enough to eat"...hubby would go gaga over....
thanks for "patiently" sharing, i, too, valued my friend's meme each week...TC always


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