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Friday, September 17, 2010

Send-Off Party Planning

We just arrived from dinner with Hubby's high school classmate who also happens to be a godfather to our son. G will be leaving Dubai soon to join his nurse wife in the United States. And so the dinner partly talked about the despedida or send off party.

We have barely two months to plan. We have a tight budget but since G has been a very good family friend, we still want to trow something memorable.  Our initial plans are to invite all their high school classmates (and their spouses) who are now residing in Dubai. There will be around 7-9 people. We will book a hotel room, contact a Chinese catering, and bring Magic Sing for an all night videoke. I am imagining already how many people will be dancing on the table lol!

The highlight  of the party will be - first, the Tequila girl. I wonder who is it going to be this time. The wives take turn hahaha. And secondly, the masonic ring for a present. I found a great and informative website that sells antique and modern masonic rings and jewelry. It is understood among them that G is a member of the international brotherhood.

We will just have to choose which fits our budget and hopefully we can place an order next week. Well I gotta go now and research on some fun send-off games. One of their classmate called and he is thinking of making power point presentation of G's life in Dubai. I bet that would be hilarious. Saying goodbye is tough but we have to make this a memorable event.

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