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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sheeesh

I got a very busy week and I am so lovin it! I have a product review to do on Kero's Celebration but first, the family got to use/enjoy/try them first. And then another restaurant review is up on Friday. 

In between those, I wrap Christmas gifts; I have to accompany my son up there on the rooftop pool; and trips to Zabeel Park now that the weather is cooling down to 35 degrees C. Last Thursday, we had our first mini-picnic for autumn. I cooked amplaya con egg and cabanossi (dried pork sausage) and packed with steamed rice, we had a hearty supper on the grass.And we look forward to doing it again every Thursday.

On another thought, I commend LBC UAE for efficient and fast cargo service. We sent a box bound for Batanes. The cargo left the house first week of August and last Friday, my grandmother happily called to tell that it has arrived. On previous occasions (and through a different cargo company), it took about two to three months. I had no complains though so long as the cargo arrives to the recipient. But Hubby's officemate recommended LBC and since their Dubai branch is near our place, we  thought why not try their service. 

Speaking of Christmas gifts, my son received an early one but I will be sharing it in another post. Ciao!

3 cupcakes:

kayni said...

wow, early christmas gift is a good thing. and i thought i'm the only one who starts preparing my list and wrapping gifts early :).

sheng said...

wow ang aga ng christmas gift preparation...parang gusto ko ring gumaya hehehe...

galing nman may gift na agad si Andre...

imriz said...

dami mo cguro reregaluhan, pasali nman:))) meri krismas po:)


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