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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Christmas List Continues

As I previously shared, I have started my Christmas shopping. I first checked off items for our friends and relatives back home in the Philippines. We are halfway filling up the balikbayan box. We will just add more grocery items and a couple of girly things from Forever 21 for the adolescents. If we can make a trip to Carrefour later today after the boys' swimming, the box can be sealed, ready for cargo next week.

And so right now, I am listing down neighbors, friends, and family members in Dubai. I am also including the kind building watchman and cleaner and Hubby's office tea boy. These are the people who make our lives easier everyday. Christmas is a perfect opportunity to show how much we appreciate what they do for us.

Illuminator UFO for indoor growers

As for Hubby, I am seriously considering led grow lights. He is such an avid gardener. Even if we lack backyard in our apartment, he makes up by buying plant boxes and burying whatever seeds and bulbs he can get his hands on. Mostly survive to seedlings and then wilt away. One can see they need proper sunlight. But the harsh Dubai sun which still unmercifully heats up to 44 degrees Celsius in September will not help. That leaves me thinking led grow lights are Hubby's best option.

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