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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Waterfall, Dubai Mall

Another fascinating feature of Dubai Mall is The Waterfall.

The Waterfall runs through the entire height of the mall, traversing all four levels, and is adorned with art sculptures of human divers made of fiberglass to create a dynamic visual spectrum that complements the rhythmic flow of water.

The Waterfall comprises two cylindrical structures, 30 metres in diameter and 24 metres high, with an overhead reservoir feeding the recycled water. It is well-lit in the night and reflects sunlight by day.

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Sara Chapman said...

I'd love to visit Dubai. This is a fascinating peek.

Amanda said...

Only in Dubai! I was born there and lived there for the first 15 years of my life. I also visited for a few months in 1997. I imagine it's changed a lot since then! Have several relatives there.

Mikabella said...

I would love to go there. Seams to be such a intersting place Dubai.

I have Dubai in my pictures to this week!...But my Dubais is of a hole other kind :)

Kram från Sverige.

Carletta said...

What an awesome waterful with it's sculptures. I'm imagining the sound of water must reverberate throughout the mall.
Your sepia processing is beautiful!

maryt/theteach said...

Extraordinary!! I'd love to visit Dubai too! We hear so much about it here in the US. Sepia job well done! :)

Irene said...

Amazing, isn't it? I visited Dubai Mall in January this year. I thought about using one of the pictures from the waterfall, but changed my mind. I posted pictures from Oman instead ..... your picture is very nice!

Patti said...

That massive indoor waterfall is impressive! I like your sepia treatment of it and of the mall.

The sculptures of the divers are eye-catching.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how people spend their money.

Ralph said...

The waterfall seems as if it is sculpted in a ceramic sepia. The liquid seems as if it has stopped in mid air. A nice and artistic capture!

Marice said...

thats really interestingly beautiful! :) thanks for sharing!

u may view mine here


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