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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Late Night Shopping

After much reading about what to pack, I made a list of things to buy for Andreas' first holiday. Last night, we crossed three items off  the list.

First, a box of microwave steam bag from Medela. Frankly I had no idea such product exist. I was resigned to bringing our Mothercare travel pack (which I still find bulky to include in our lagguage) for bottle sterilizing when I saw these stacked little yellow boxes. A closer look and it was the solution to my worry. The five-piece folded plastic bags were much more easier to pack and carry around. Maybe I could even request to sterilize up in the air hihi.

Each bag can be used up to 20 times making one box reused to 100 times. Cost AED60 (P750)

Second, water-resistant disposable bibs. I am planning to bring as few clothes  as possible for Andreas so I hope this will take care of  biscuit crumbs, and spilled fruit juices.

20 pieces disposable bibs. Cost 28 AED (P350)

Third, travelmate umbrella stroller. I love our trusty Graco but we need something smaller to move around the airport especially that we have a stop-over in Austria.
Juniors Umbrella Travelmate. We chose blue and red color for our toddler. Cost 179 AED (P2,237.50)

All products were bought at Babyshop, Centrepoint Store, beside Burjuman Mall.

I still have a long list to buy yay! I knew that holidays are expensive but i just don't expect them to cost up like this hihi.

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