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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I ordered this summer dessert at an Italian Ristorante called Biella.

Sorbets are all about fruit. With no milk, cream or eggs, they depend only on sugar, lemon juice and fresh fruit for flavor. Elegantly simple and refreshingly tart, sorbets were the rage during Victorian years, when they were served as palate cleansers between rich, heavy courses.

Mango Sorbetto served with dark chocolate stick and garnished with fresh mint.

A sorbetto, the more intense Italian version, generally has more fruit and less water, resulting in a softer, less icy texture. The key is FRESH fruit, for sorbets made with cooked fruit will taste like cold jam rather than the best of summer frozen in a scoop.

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Rossel said...


added this site on all of my site's blog roll. hope you could add mine too. thanks in advance.

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FodTripFriday said...

sounds like a yummy summer treat!


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