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Saturday, March 6, 2010


 Note: I received numerous inquiries on my in-box how we did it. For those who asked, you may head straight to the end part of the article.

We were told to wait for 10-15 working days to know the result of our Schengen Visa application. Last Thursday, after putting Andreas to nap, i decided to check our application online. Frankly, the waiting was killing me. The previous nights, i was seriously considering a combined Egypt and Jordan tour to make up for the disappointment just in case =). I even Googled travel agencies who provide such tours. I was that ready to give up.

After 9-days of waiting, I entered our details and the result said all our passports are waiting for pick up  from 3pm to 5pm at the Visa Center. Nothing stated if it was approved or rejected. The clock said it's 3:30pm so I decided to call the office jut to know the result of our application. The recorded voice said I was caller number 4. I hung up and redialled after 10 minutes. The machine said i was caller number 6. 

Number 6! And I was running out of load! Why was i even trying to call? I never got through the line before.By then it was quarter to four. Hubby's schedule is so gruelling these days and I thought if i could ease just one responsibility from him, this is my chance. I packed milk and gathered Andreas as we bolted to the elevator. We passed by the Watchman who followed outside and asked if there was any emergency. I just informed him I needed a taxi.

We waited for a good 20 minutes before a taxi arrived. We reached the VFA Center beside Capitol Hotel at around 4:30. Thank goodness there was no traffic. The Filipina guard said, they were just about to close.

There was a small queu and the Filipina insisted I keep my line because a few more people were coming in. Andreas wriggled out of my arms and started to climb the empty chairs. I gave our receipt and was asked to check all the passports if they indeed belong to our family. The kind Pakistani driver waited for us to wait for us so after seeing our visa stamped, Andreas and i boarded the taxi again back home.

As soon as i locked the front door, I called Mama back home to thank for her continued prayers.Then I rang hubby who was on a rigorous two-day training for an internal audit accreditation. They were just about to take their exam and he savored the news.

So here's how:

1. Find a reputable travel agency who are experienced on European Tours. They should be knowledgeable on the Rome Roulette Hotel System.

2. Download application form and required documents from here. 

3. The documents may seem easy  to produce, but here in the city, you never know so give ample time to gather them. It took us three weeks!

4. You will need 6 months bank statement. HSBC gives requested staements after two working days with 50AED (P625) each page. It is free though if you avail their Life Insurance at 40AED per month.  Emirates NBD charges 10 AED (P125) per page and you receive them on the same day.

5. Produce ALL the attachment before going to the VFS Center along Al Mina Road.

6. We were never called for an interview. One source from VFS said they rarely call for the interview. Just make sure your cover letter speaks for where you intend to visit and what do you plan to see. Tell you want to see the bastion of Catholic church, or you want to celebrate your anniversary.

7. Total amount we paid for three Schengen Visa: 1,376 AED (P17,200)

    Visa fee for adult: 328 AED (P4,100) X2
    Visa processing fee: 90 AED (1,125)  X3
     Premium Service Charge: 150 AED (P1,875) X3
     (this service is optional. they check all your application and documents first before submitting to the Consulate general of Italy)

That simple, folks! Ciao!!

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Self Sagacity said...

Cool tips! Thanks for posting. Happy for you.


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