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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Silk Pink Tie For Hubby

We will be attending a wedding next month and the motif is pink and white. The ladies for the wedding entourage will be wearing white cocktail dresses. And men will have to wear something pink - it could be a tie, shirt, or formal jacket. Naturally, my ever-practical husband chose to wear pink tie so he can still use it for their upcoming company dinner party in late December. That way our purchase will not be for one time use.

Shopping malls these days are packed with holiday shoppers so I am dreading a trip just to purchase for mens tie. Fortunately, there is S Buckingham, a website especially for men's accesories. I can browse and shop online at the comfort of our home. Moreover, the silk tie gift set we purchased from them last month certainly did not disappoint.

I am tempted to buy this pre-tied silk bow tie but I am not sure how Hubby would react. 
He likes to dress up with fun though so I will have to ask =)

Anyway, here are my choices from S Buckinghams mens silk pink tie collection.

Mens Pink Navy Blue Polka Dot woven Silk Tie. 
I think this will also be very suited for the New Year dinner.

 Or this stylish Mens Pink Paisley Woven Silk Tie

Since this is a formal event, I will add mens cufflinks uk to the purchase. I narrowed choices to these.

I will only need Hubby's choice and approval tonight to check out our order.

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