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Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Holiday Mood!

Though we had a busy weekend, I squeezed time to put on some Christmas trimmings around our apartment.

Clockwise, you see a pretty box with decorated real egg-shell. Inside is a German chocolate truffle. Eggs symbolize birth in the circle of life, and as Christmas was a celebration of the birth of Christ, the giving of decorated eggs on Christmas Day had become a custom.

Beside the box is our current coffee table book Angela and the Baby Jesus by our  all-time favorite Author, Frank McCourt.

Below those are some holiday presents I finished wrapping at the time I took the photo. Currently, i have wrapped 10 presents. I sneak to do such when my little one is asleep. Raise you hand if you've been good this year. =)

Next are three Christmas stockings, one for each member of the family. The big one is obviously for Andreas lol! Now that's a challenge to fill, darling!

Then we have a pretty Christmas backpack, filled with cookies and toys, decorating Andreas' little corner.

Lastly, a holiday wreath on our front door. Drop by for some Christmas cheers!!

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jehan said...

oh, i love the christmas backpack...
been thinking of decorating this early too.. but baby is keeping me lazy these days, hehe.. i just can't drag my body from the bed early. i just like to lie down.. i thinks she's gaining weight again..kkk...


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