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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Busy Months Parampapampam

Breathe. I am writing this to clear my head of our schedules waaah!

November events include charity book sale (which I don't dare to miss), annual company party, Style Arabia, (still haven't decided what to wear) and a big sporting event that will come after F1. In between those, I have product reviews to do and deadlines to beat. Leaves me no time for FB lol!

And come December, we have three special events. First, we're attending the wedding of two bosom friends. We're both sponsors and Andreas was asked to be a ring-bearer. But because my hyperactive son cannot endure a one-hour church ceremony, I requested to have him replaced. Tsaka para naman hindi solohin ng pamilya namin ang wedding entourage hihihii!

The wedding falls on the first week. The second week will be spent finishing the Christmas shopping list. Hubby has to give out something to some 40+ people and I am pleading, begging for discount at Candylicious or Hereshey's World.

Third week is Hubby's birthday and I'm thinking of a spa weekend but then I have to check the budget. The best thing though is I already bought my gift for him. I am soo excited 'coz this is the first time I bought him something from my own money. Oh yes, not even from my debit card.

And the last week of December is Andreas' third birthday, yay! He is so animal crazy these days so we will probably be spending it somewhere riding-horses.

I am actually thinking of moving the celebration until next year but Hubby will be very busy with work in Abu Dhabi. And he will remain so for a couple of months maybe even a year.  December is probably the most relaxing month we will have for a long time to come.

Gotta go now and continue making these big plans. I'm so good at them LOL!

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