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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Yesterday, after my son's morning swim, we noticed a sign on the gym entrance informing all tenants that the sauna steam bath facility is under renovation and currently not available for use. This is good news because early this year, tenants have asked for a bigger sauna bath - something that at least  can accommodate  four to five person. We have been very pleased with the building management  because they had been very accommodating with tenants' requests - clean swimming pool, more gym facilities, and now  an improved sauna bath. This is what happens when there is over-supply in the market: you gotta keep the good tenants happy.

Anyway, I hope the management will opt for a step up and install far infrared sauna. I've been reading a lot about it lately and it has come to my attention that it provides more health benefits than the conventional steam sauna. While a conventional steam sauna relies only on indirect heat - the skin must absorb the heat out of the surrounding air, far infrared heat directly penetrates the body's tissues to a depth of over 1½ inches. It reaches right into the muscle to soothe and relax naturally and safely. 

The other health benefits of infrared sauna include:
  *Helps treat cellulites
  *Contribute to weighloss
  *Detoxifies your body
  *Strengthens immune system
  *helps control blood pressure
  *Helps treat burns and scars
  *Helps treat bronchitis
  *Relieves muscle and joint pains
  *Helps control cholesterol level
  *Strengthens the cardiovascular system.

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