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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sustainable Weight Loss Menu

Finally, I found the help I have been - as a woman - needing desperately for awhile. I blogged before how my post-baby body is five kilogram away from the pre-pregnancy weight. We'll my son is turning three come December and I definitely waited long enough to let nature do its course. So now I am turning to fat loss 4 idiots menu plan for some big help.

In the program, you eat four meals a day. This is to encourage your metabolism running high all day and burning more calories. A sample of the menu goes something like this:

The first meal of the day may consist of boiled eggs and cottage cheese.

On the same day, meal 2 may involve fresh green and red vegetables (such as kale, cucumber and red pepper) as well as fresh pear slices.

Meal 3 could be roast beef slices and broiled halibut.

For Meal 4, sausage links and a side of ham slices.

Definitely sounds sustainable right? You stay on the diet for 11 days and expect to lose around 11 pounds. You will lose more if you incorporate aerobic exercises. What's more, the fat loss menu for idiots have been the top program in the internet for the last six years.

It is definitely worth a try.

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