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Thursday, August 5, 2010


This month's Girls Talk is all about Reel Life. For a starter, we are ask what movies we can recommend to watch with a friend.

Mine is an old comedy-drama titled Beaches starring Bette Midler .  The theme song is the Grammy winner, Wind Beneath My wings. Boy, I get goosebumps every time I hear the song. I first read the novel back in early college and was soo touched by it I kept looking for the sequel. Yes I did found it eventually.

I was about to graduate when I found a VCD copy at a nearby video shop. I watched it alone and having read the book many times, I knew the scenes and conversations in my heart. Still that did not refrain me from laughing and crying thinking the  characters are the luckiest to have found their soul sister.

Anyways, Beaches is a 1998 movie about lifelong friendship between CC Bloom, a performer and Hillary, a rich debutante. Having met at the age of ten, they see each other through the good times and the bad times, through marriages and divorces, through the disasters and happiness. It epitomizes the bond that can never be broken between two women. I will share to you a favorite scene:

Hillary: I don't even remember what it was I was mad about and I don't care. Whatever it was that you did, I forgive you.
CC Bloom: What I did? You and your lousy letters. Just to get one of them made me special even before I opened it. All your crappy stories, all your big dreams.
Hillary: I didn't know that.
CC Bloom: Well, what the hell did you know? Did you know how bad things were for me? No, because you wouldn't even open my letters. If you had even answered one, just one! Told me what a jerk I was, anything! But you didn't. You took your friendship away without even discussing it with me. So, thank you very much for forgiving me. But I don't forgive you. 

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charmie said...

There are a few girls talker loves this film. It must be lovely movie. Hope I can watch it.

Thanks for the visit.:)

Vernz said...

ay oo nga meron nito ... di ko na maalala napanuuod ko ba to .. sa dami ano patong-patong ... heheh must review .. Woman’s elan vital

zh3en22 said...

hmm i need to find time to look for this one...thanks for dropping by my post...

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

haven't seen this movie, we shall see if I can find a copy. dami ko nang movies to watch in my list, hahahy. ;0)

K said...

three girl talkers suggested it already. my, it is moving up my must-watch list. LOL!

thanks for sharing your movie thoughts! see ya later ;)

Chris said...

nice movie.. ive seen this so many years ago!


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