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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A collector's item of United Arab Emirates' currency in gold. The Collectors exhibit went on for two weeks but this this valuable only appeared for a day. We were lucky to be attending the event on that day.

 One thousand dirham in gold.

If you want to see some rare celebration coins in silver and gold, visit my entry here.

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8 cupcakes:

photowannabe said...

Perfect choice. Gold currency. Nice if one could afford it.

Leo said...

Gold rate is so high, i'd need a lot of currency to try n see that gold currency :)

lovely photo..!

Sylvia K said...

Terrific C for the day! And what a great shot! I don't think I'm likely to acquire any gold currency however!! Enjoy your week!


Gramma Ann said...

Interesting C post today, Thanks for sharing otherwise I never would have known about this Gold Currency. It is so interesting visiting the many different C posts today and learning so many new things.

Roger Owen Green said...

Don't suppose I could ask you for a loan? Oh, it's NOT your gold? Never mind!

thanks, ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Julie said...

Gold is such an interesting 'stone'. It can be as heavy as an ingot or as light as a leaf. Either way, it is a beautiful product of this wonderful planet Earth.

Tumblewords: said...

I love gold! A beautiful shot of gold currency!

Anna said...

'Currency' is a good C-word! Wow, all that gold!
Cool post!
Best wishes,
Anna's Cats


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