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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Custody Lawyers

I previously shared on my other blog about how to get the best child custody lawyers. As I read more about the topic, and inspired by my recent John Grisham novel, The Testament, I learned some terms and definitions in child custody cases that I would like to share with you today, my dear readers.

Definitions of Child Custody

LEGAL CUSTODY - All decisions can be made about education, health and welfare, as the right and responsibility of the parent with legal custody.

SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY - The parent awarded, sole legal custody, makes all the decisions in regards to education, health and welfare of the child, while the other parent has no role to play in these decisions.

PHYSICAL CUSTODY - This is the parent who has been determined to have the physical right to be with the child.

SHARED CUSTODY - The legal and physical custody is shared equally by both parents.

JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY - This situation calls for a parenting plan to determine who will be with the child at a certain time but they both have joint custody.

This scenario usually takes effect where the parents are determined to provide a caring and nurturing environment but keep their personal differences to themselves, for the sake of the child. 

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