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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Patek Philippe For The Intense Watch Collector

This is the last for my stocking filler posts and to answer the question which watch is befitting for an heirloom, choose a Patek Philippe creation. It's an inheritance that is uber-exclusive and with a sizeable amount.
However, you need not pay for the original price when you can own an authentic one for a much reduced price. As it is the current trend now in buying luxury, purchasing a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch is the best way to assure you are buying an original timepiece without the sky high amount.

Essential Watches of Beverly Hills sells new and used Patek Philippe watches. You can be assured you get your money's worth because each purchase is marked accordingly - whether it is new or pre-owned. Yes, including the important documents such as guaranty. And if you suddenly have a change of heart, do have an excellent return policy rule.

"You don't own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation." goes the luxury brand's adage. The holiday season gives you the perfect reason to think of an heirloom. Brad Pitt collects these watches. Shouldn't you as well?

Top tips For Girls #12

How to know how long you should brush your teeth for

**If you want to know how long you should brush your teeth for, imagine singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself twice over. It cheers the morning up no end.


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Celebrities Wearing Panerai

Hollywood A-lists Brad Pitt, Tom, Cruise, and  Jason Statham have all been publicly seen wearing Panerai. Apparently, fetish for the luxury Italian watch is extending to supermodels as Heidi Klum was recently seen out and about sporting a Panerai Radiomir Watch.
Heidi Klum: Panerai Lady

The German Supermodel and Project Runway host's choice is set in 18KT Rose Gold and retails for $27,500. This can be yours for a reduced price of $18,700 through Essential Watches of Beverly Hills.

The California-based website is reputable for selling new and pre-owned authentic Panerai watches in various styles including limited editions. Each luxury watch is marked accordingly and even if you buy the pre-owned watches which is the trend now in owning a piece of luxury, you still get the box including the important papers such as one to two year guaranty. also accpets trade ins so that if you want a make-over and be a supermodel for awhile, trade in your old Cartier. You get 80% of the retail price. Think about it now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mini Fountain

Numerous mini fountain such as this make the walkways in Al Qasba very charming and relaxing.

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Hublot Big Bang

Gift Guide Alert!! This is especially for your sportsman. 

How would you like to fill his Christmas stocking with a watch whose brand is synonymous to sports celebrities like Usain Bolt, Alex, Rodriguez, Bode Miller and the legendary crooner Lionel Richie? They have all been spotted wearing Hublot Big Bang. 

The ultra exclusive rare watch has been awarded numerous times . These includes the 2005 Design Prize in the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, the Sports Watch Prize at the Watch of the Year ceremony in Japan, and the Middle Eastern Prize for the Best Oversized Watch at the Editor’s Choice Watch of the Year in Bahrain.

Essential Watches of Beverly Hills offers new and pre-owned authentic Hublot watches. Models like the Big Bang, Big Bang Limited Editions (such as Federacion Mexico), and Classic are all available at their site for your perusal.And definitely sold at a much cheaper price compared to anywhere else online. In fact, if you find Hublot watches offered with a significant lower price, you can ring them and they will try to match it. No wonder the site has 99.9% customer satisfaction on Ebay.

Your man will be feeling like a celebrity with it. Why, even Michael Douglas favors the brand. ((^_^))

Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Tips For Girls #6

How to improve balance and posture

**Think of your nipples as headlights and keep them lighting the way ahead, not the road at your feet!


**Adjust your desk chair so it sits as low as it is still comfortable. This way, you are never tempted to slouch and you look straight ahead at the computer screen.


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Stocking Filler: Cartier

Finally! I was able to vacuum and mop the house. I've been meaning to do that for two days now but oh gosh, holiday stress is catching up on me.

Now I am ready (and guilt free!) to meet the girls for a little tea party. Since we all have crazy schedules for the month, we decided to give our little gifts for each one later in the afternoon. We will just do it all quickly because like me, they are still frantically looking for their partner's Christmas present. One of them accidentally  read her husband's bucket list and it included owning an authentic Cartier watch. Since she knows I am well acquainted with online shopping deals, she asked for some clues. More specifically where to buy them cheaper with a warranty at the very least.

Oh I can't wait to tell her about Essential Watches. I learned about the site earlier today and it looks very customer friendly with wide range of authentic luxury time pieces. I gotta go now and blow dry my hair. Don't want to be late for my first Christmas party this year. Ciao!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bloomie's Snow Globe

Stocking Filler: For the fashionista's work desk. ((^_^))

Snow Globe from Bloomingdale's

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Top Tips For Girls #2

How to get sleep AND be happy
(image from Google)

**I was recently taught about the Horizontal Rule: when you are horizontal, you are not allowed to think about anything tha requires a solution. This is because in the middle of the night, your left side, problem solving brain is fast asleep and your right side, drama-queen brain is wide awake. .......Instead, the only thing you are allowed to do is to count your blessings or think of five things you are grateful for that day. If you are still awake, you have to think of five things you were grateful for yesterday and the day before and the day before and so on. Not only does this actually get me to sleep, it makes me a happier, nicer person.


I recently bought a book called Top Tips For Girls by Kate Reardon. She is currently a contributing editor for Vanity Fair. The book is a compilation of real, funny advice from real women for real life. I will be sharing some of those tips on this blog, over at Coffee, Pearls, and A View, and at Kero's Celebration Face Book Fan Page -- all because girls don't have to learn the hard way. ((^_^))

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Burj Dubai

I think this is one of my best shot of the world's highest tower. ((^_^))

And although they renamed it as Burj Khalifa in honor of the President of the United Arab Emirates, it will remain Burj Dubai in my heart. It is Dubai who has the vision.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Cartier Replica Watch

We all dream of owning at least one luxury item. May it be signature bag,  sunglasses, or shoes. For many of my friends, they want a branded time piece. Most especially when I attended the 2010 Cartier Exhibit last month and showed them photos of the luxury watches. Their desire escalated and it seems they all want to find one come Christmas morning lol!

Well I have good news for them now as I found a website specializing on replica watches. On a visit to their website, I found Cartier Replica Watches that look exactly the same as the photos I took from the exhibit! Apparently, the site offers the Best Replica Watches available. They have the technology that can do detailed and quality  imitations of all luxury brands such as Rolex and Breitling.

Let's face it, we all want a 15-seconds fame. Arriving at a Christmas Party with an elegant luxury watch will get their attention. Nobody needs to know it is a Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica.


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