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Friday, December 10, 2010

Top Tips For Girls #2

How to get sleep AND be happy
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**I was recently taught about the Horizontal Rule: when you are horizontal, you are not allowed to think about anything tha requires a solution. This is because in the middle of the night, your left side, problem solving brain is fast asleep and your right side, drama-queen brain is wide awake. .......Instead, the only thing you are allowed to do is to count your blessings or think of five things you are grateful for that day. If you are still awake, you have to think of five things you were grateful for yesterday and the day before and the day before and so on. Not only does this actually get me to sleep, it makes me a happier, nicer person.


I recently bought a book called Top Tips For Girls by Kate Reardon. She is currently a contributing editor for Vanity Fair. The book is a compilation of real, funny advice from real women for real life. I will be sharing some of those tips on this blog, over at Coffee, Pearls, and A View, and at Kero's Celebration Face Book Fan Page -- all because girls don't have to learn the hard way. ((^_^))

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