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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Won A Free Template!

I've been blogging for almost five years now, trying to document our life as expatriate family in Dubai. I am very thankful for this hobby because I get to make new friends online. I meet a lot of fellow blogging Moms out there who also has a very limited social life due to chores at home. When it gets lonely here in the desert, I simply visit other blogs and for awhile I do not feel so alone anymore.

I currently own two blogs, one for personal and one for fashion. Last week, Mommy Chris informed me that I won a free template through her Thanksgiving Blog Contest (just one of the many perks of blogging). I was  very delighted because as I read more on  website development, I learned that to get more traffic,  it it very important that your blog should be as unique as possible - starting with the header. I felt guilty because even though I bought my own domain,  I  always use the free templates available. When I started to ask around, it costs around 30USD to 50 USD. I started to save up for it but when I learned about the contest and the prizes, I wasted no time to join.

I'm very thankful that I won because February also happens to be my birthday month. ((^_^))

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