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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

So we got a parking ticket this morning. What a way to end January hihi. We were in a rush to have breakfast at 3nity because we need to do some errand before hubby goes to office for overtime. I thought the paid parking starts at 4 pm so i refrained from reminding hubby.

Anyways, I hope there goes all the negative energy. You can't be lucky all the time =)

So after our hearty English breakfast, we went to Al Tayer Travel Office in Deira to give our reservations fee. Yes for the first time we are planning our holiday. Hubby accumulated some tickets and the HR agreed that we can travel to other countries provided they will only give the amount worth of the airfare to the Philippines.

The travel package we had costs 4K AED per adult and 2K AED for our little boy. We paid a total of 750 AED to Al Tayer this korning. It is not refundable in case our visa application is denied. The visa will cost us roughly 800 also not refundable if the visa request is not granted waaaah!

We can only hope and pray for the best. We are risking too much money but I pray to God His will be done.

We are back in the house now, just me and Andreas. His Dada went to the office for OT on their project in Ruwais. I will do some cleaning and dish washing before heading to Zabeel later.

Oh one more thing, Hubby spoke to the Bldg. Administrator while we were having breakfast and he was told letters about contract expiry and new rent price is beign drafted. We should receive our notice this week. I am hoping our new rent per annum will be 38-40 K. Dream on!

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